About Me  -  蘇柏瑄 (Brian Su)

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我是蘇柏瑄,於西元2001年生。 我喜愛一切和資訊相關的事物,享受自己探索這塊新奇的領域,更追求著解決問題時的成就感。 我約莫在國小四年級時接觸到程式,在網路、家人與同儕的協助、砥礪下,我經歷過了世界機器人奧林匹克、 台灣國際科展與國際資訊奧林匹亞等大型賽事,也接觸到了資訊領域中不同的面向。 不論是現在、過去還是將來,這將一直是一趟奇幻之旅,有著許多未知事物等待著我去探索。 還有,最重要的,永遠保有熱情與快樂。

I'm Brian Su from Taiwan, born in 2001. I love all the stuffs related to computer science. Also,I hunger for exploring the fascinating journey pieces by piece and addict to the sense of achievement given by solving problems. I started programming when I was 10. With the help from my parents, peers, and the Internet, I participated in some international tournaments, such as International Olympiad in Informatics, World Robot Olympiad, and Taiwan International Science Fair. From these experiences, I learned different aspects of computer science. Always and forever, it is an amazing and astonishing adventure with many unknowns waiting for me to embark on. Most importantly, always have enthusiasm and happiness.

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